Prosystem - Pro Feed Computer

Prosystem Pro Feed Computer. The Prosystem Pro Feed Computer is the best choice for controlling food for plants. Measures and controls the predefined pH and EC levels 24 hours a day. Includes an extra boosterpump with flowsensor and a water leakage s...

Article number: 5-209

Prosystem Pro Feed Computer. The Prosystem feed computer pro comes with an additional built-in booster pump that uses a flow sensor to adjust the metering rate according to the required mixing ratio (as opposed to the Basic model which carries out the metering process in parallel with the A&B pump).

In addition this version comes with a water leakage safeguard that shuts off the water supply when water runs over the tank or a hose has come loose.

  • Equipped with adjustable, silent 1 - 7L/h hose pumps (for 200-5000L tanks)
  • Mixing tube 
  • Solenoid valve 
  • Water level switch 
  • Separate EC and PH display with temperature indicator
  • Additional built-in Booster Pump
  • Additional protection against water leakage
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